5 struggles I don't talk about

And questions I ask myself at night

Here’s some real talk. I love creating something from nothing and doing it my way. But of course, there are struggles! Here are my struggles:

1. What I want to do vs. what’s best for the company

The truth is, they don’t always align. But I want to see my product on shelves! But we’re trying to build a profitable brand Ruby! I go back and forth between I want to try this concept out and will it make money? What is more important, building something that will grow or basing decisions on how awesome it would be?

2. Most of the time, I’m faking it

And then I wonder how many other people are doing the same thing, or if I’m the only bullsh*tter. How much truth is behind the statement, “no one knows what they’re doing”?

3. Luck or skill?

How much of success is luck, and does it matter what percentage? I’ve always had this mentality that anything worth doing is supposed to be hard. If I’m not struggling 100% of the time, then I’m not doing enough. Did I make it happen, or was it just luck?

4. Filtering out the noise

Everyone has their two cents, and everyone wants to share it. How much of that information do you zone out for, pass on, or act on?

5. No one gets it

No one gets it like I do. No one else has my situation, my problems to solve, my history, my idea. All true statements, but that doesn’t mean I’m alone. I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people with who I can problem-solve, cry on, and rant. Even an introvert like me knows you can’t do it alone.

And so, you’ve read my struggles. The plus side is that with hardship comes lessons learned.

1. I’ve concluded that if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, then what’s the point? In this short life, try everything. I’m here to keep failing until I don’t fail.

2. It’s ok to fake it because eventually, I won’t be faking it anymore. I’ll know what I’m doing because I’ve been there before.

3. In the end it doesn’t matter how I got there, because I got there, so be thankful, show gratitude, and enjoy it.

4. I’m the Babe Ruth of my company’s truth. I need to just trust myself, especially in times of doubt.

5. You’re never really alone.

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