8 habits that changed my life

Or just slightly enhanced it

1. Making my bed every morning

It starts my day doing one productive thing. And if I have a bad day, at least my bed is made.

2. Always taking the stairs

The more active I am, the more energy I have. Bonus if it’s an escalator.

3. I drink water out of a water bottle, not a glass

It’s a normal-sized clear water bottle that I’ve had for 5 years. Every time my water bottle gets low, I automatically refill it. Before I go to bed, I fill it up so I can chug the whole thing in the morning. Water = life, so drink your water!

4. I don’t open e-mail unless I’m going to respond immediately

This prevents me from missing important e-mails and acts as a reminder. I tried the “I’ll answer later” method. It didn’t work.

5. Floss every day

No cavities so far. Healthy teeth = less time at the dentist = more money in my pocket and more time to build The Better Pop. Plus, it’s part of my small bedtime ritual.

6. Prioritize my workouts

Physical activity lets me reset in the middle of the day. I zone everything out and focus on me and the weights. It allows me to continue the rest of my day with a clear mind. Mental health and physical health are always a priority.

7. Never press snooze

Once the alarm goes off, and it’s time to start the day. No excuses!

8. Decompress at night

When I worked right before going to bed, my mind was still in the work. This negatively affected the quality of sleep I had. Now it’s a must that I wind down, sit in bed, watch a show, and put my blue-light-blocking glasses on.

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